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Do NOT Use Marvel's Dry Cleaners on Queens Blvd !!!.
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Just a warning to people out there, Marvel's Dry Cleaners (108-19 Queens Blvd.) does BAD service. I had a new leather handbag that needed some light dirt taken off and wanted it professionally cleaned. After waiting THREE WEEKS for it, I was appalled at the condition it was returned in. The leather was wrinkled, cracked, discolored and splitting at the seams. It went from soft buttery leather to a rough dried up flaky mess. When I asked the woman what had happened to my bag, she said that this is normal. "NORMAL?!" I asked. I really doubt anyone with a new bag who would want to care for it with a professional cleaning would think of this as normal. Her excuse was that I shouldn't have expected my bag to come back in original condition. Right. Okay. Even if that were the case, it still doesn't explain how my bag looked like it was drudged through salt water and hung out to dry. I told her I'm not taking it back in this condition. She offered to take it back to the 'leather specialist' that had 'cleaned' my bag. I asked her if my bag didn't come back in better condition if she would reimburse me the price of my bag. She rudely dismissed me and said then to take her to court. Is this any way to conduct a business?? I found her unprofessional and offensive. I will take her advice and take her to small claims court. You can't just walk all over another person like that!

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